Bata Shoe Purchase Scheme

A big thank you to our main sponsor Precedo Healthcare Services Ltd, for donating £1,200. 

The money raised was used to purchase shoes for the ‘Overcoming Faith’ school in Bunyore, Kenya. 

112 pairs (various sizes) were purchased from Bata Shoes in Nairobi with all communication, ordering and delivery being arranged directly from the UK.

Providing shoes will not only prevent common infections such as ‘jiggers’, but will also improve general hygiene and reduce the number of health and safety incidents. 






Chigoe ‘jigger’ fleas, common in Sub-Saharan Africa, burrow into human flesh and lay pea-sized egg sacs. The resulting wounds can lead to infections like gangrene and hepatitis, and also cause swelling, ulceration, itching and infections. The treatment of ‘jiggers’ varies depending on severity, in severe cases amputation may be necessary.

A special thanks to all within Precedo Healthcare Services Ltd who helped make this purchase possible.

For more information on Precedo please visit

There is still a significant number of orphans without shoes in the ‘Overcoming Faith’ schools. When possible we will be purchasing more shoes from Bata, until every child has a pair!

Purchase log:

– January 2017: £1,200 donated by Precedo Healthcare Services Ltd (112 pairs purchased for the Bunyore school)

– May 2017: £1,830.36 donated by Maimie Jane (150 pairs purchased for the Bunyore school)