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Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child and change their life for good!

Through our child sponsorship programme we can bring real hope and life-affirming experience to the children that need it the most.

We partner, plan and work alongside the ‘Overcoming Faith’ schools to help build healthy, sustainable communities for vulnerable orphans.

When you sponsor a child it will provide them with the support and encouragement needed as they flourish towards their full potential in life.






Your sponsorship will provide:

– Clean water

– Nutritious food

– Healthcare

– Education

– A childhood free from need and concern

What to expect when you sponsor a child:

Once you sign up to be a sponsor, we’ll send you a welcome pack with a photo of the child you’re sponsoring and their story so far.

You will get several handwritten messages (maybe letters, drawings, or postcards) from your child each year, and regular detailed accounts of how your child is doing from our staff working with them daily.

You can write back to your sponsored child, build a special relationship with them and over time see them grow and thrive.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please email enquiries@maimiejane.com or call 01246 299710 for further information.