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Our Vision

Our intention is to undertake projects in Kenya that improve or safeguard local people’s lives, and promote their safety, welfare and basic healthcare needs; particularly school children and vulnerable women.

Our vision is to give our supporters transparency and success. Our projects have a purpose, we want our supporters to know and realise that specific purpose and understand exactly what their support has achieved.  

Our initial projects have been undertaken in Kakamega County, Kenya. We have achieved real and sustained results with our medical and construction projects within the Churches, Schools and communities we partner.  

Chris and Mike Webster celebrate with the locals in Kakamega, Kenya after planting numerous Harvest Gardens.

Maimie Jane are currently supporting the ‘Overcoming Faith’ schools in Kakamega, Bunyore and Nambale, Kenya.

‘Overcoming Faith’ school in Kakamega, May 2017.