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About Us

In times of need and desperation people come together usually with more strength and determination than before. This is probably one of the reasons why African communities are so strong.

When Mary passed in March 2016, I felt that the world had just changed 100% for the worse, I questioned everything and everyone, I read the New Testament for the first time and searched for answers to the big questions     in life, I didn’t want to get out of bed, I couldn’t believe that my Mum had been killed.

 Close friends and family came together to form our Board of Trustee’s following Mary’s untimely and tragic death with one common objective.           To make a difference.

 My aim is to give to those who most need it the things I received with such ease and fluidity from my parents. Love, desire, hope and sincerity; which      I’m sure we all agree provide firm foundations for the construction of a happy and meaningful life.


This is what Maimie Jane is about.

Chris Webster.