‘Overcoming Faith’ Schools

Maimie Jane will operate its first community project in Kakamega County, Kenya.

We are hoping to rebuild the three ‘Overcoming Faith’ schools, located in Kakamega, Bunyore and Nambale. Each school hosts a large number of orphans and are largely unable to provide food, basic healthcare/living conditions, and a fundamental level of education daily.   









By rebuilding classrooms, renovating infrastructure, providing educational supplies/materials and introducing vocational training, we can help the neediest areas and bring hope to those deprived children.

Giving the schools the ability to be self-sustaining will ensure that development can be managed and maintained. Providing sewing machines for clothing repair and manufacture, and harvest gardens for food production will encourage sustainability.

Harvest gardens allow for food production and the sale of local produce. For more information regarding Harvest Gardens please visit: https://www.facebook.com/harvestgardens.co.uk/

Developing the commerce ability of the schools by introducing them to the World Wide Web, funding their table top bank and allowing them to sell products made by the Malezi Women’s Group (i.e. greetings cards, necklaces, bracelets, notebooks and photo frames/albums) online will increase income.

Products made by the Malezi Women’s Group in Kakamega, Kenya. Please view all available products in our online shop here

As part of our rebuild, a child welfare programme is to be developed and implemented to help improve healthcare and provide basic living conditions. This programme will include the delivery and provision of: 

– Employing a full time nurse to carry out health assessments, administer regular medical aid and introduce hospital referrals. The nurse will offer screening services, immunisation programmes, infection treatment, wound care and minor surgeries across all three schools.   

– Monthly donations to combat issues faced on a daily basis. This money will help fund electricity bills, hospital admissions, food shortages, water disinfectants and fumigation, to name a few.

– Regularly supplying aid to the schools including clothing, footwear (Bata Shoe Purchase Scheme), learning resources and educational equipment. 

The orphans at ‘Overcoming Faith’ are extremely grateful when they receive clothing and footwear.

New educational resources are needed in all schools to maximise the children’s learning potential.